Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photoshop CC's 3D Monster Generator soon as the new Photoshop CC support for 3D printing came out, I decided to give it a try by adding supports to an existing .STL design.  But I had some strange, unexpected results...  Your input is welcome, especially if I'm doing something wrong!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Streaming content with Google's Chromecast

The topic of Google Chromecast came up a few times recently.  It reminded me that I saw a few ads for it on TV over the holidays and was wondering if anyone "got it" as to what it was supposed to do.  I thought some explanation was in order.  I'm not a Netflix user, but it works great for me on YouTube videos.

Tangling with the Cell Phone Services

My recent tangles with cell phone services -- Verizon seems to have become too big to deal with customers.  It has become hard to even pay them!

An experiment in progress...

Find my tech notes here...  I'd like to see if this setup is a good compliment for it to provide a place for commenting.